Elk Steak – Much Better than Beef Steak?

Healthy Elk SteakIs your cholesterol too high? Are you looking for a healthier alternative to beef steak? Well then, Cowboy Free Range Meats has the perfect product for you, Elk Steak. Our Elk are raised free range in Jackson Hole Wyoming. There are no hormones, no growth stimulants and no drug residues in any of our animals. We raise these animals to be a healthier alternative to beef. Our meat products are lower in cholesterol and lower in fat. They are better for you and better for your health.

Elk Steak is More than a Special Treat

Elk steak is often compared to beef. However, it has not reached the mainstream as far as meat in restaurants. People consider elk meat to be rare and more of a special treat than an everyday red meat. Elk meat does not contain all the fats and cholesterol raising factors that beef has. It is a leaner meat. Elk steaks, elk hot dogs, elk New York steaks and elk tenderloins are a few of the elk products tat Cowboy Free Range Meats has to offer you. You should even try our amazing elk jerky, perfect for taking on any outdoor adventure. This is an easy to carry snack that you can take anywhere.

Elk Steak is the Healthy Alternative to Beef

At Cowboy Free Range Meats, we also offer other healthy meat alternative besides elk meat. Check out our variety of buffalo/bison meat. This is also a fantastic alternative to beef. We have many great gift baskets to accompany your elk New York steak. Stop risking your health today, let Cowboy Free Range Meats be your on-line source for a healthier lifestyle. Start lowering your cholesterol today, and contact us for your new healthy meat choice.

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